Neither/Nor Records

Neither/Nor Records is a New York City-based record label dedicated to improvised and adventurous music.


Neither/Nor is proud to present Natura Morta’s new studio album ‘Environ’. The trio, comprising violist Frantz Loriot, double bassist Sean Ali and percussionist Carlo Costa, has been active since 2012.  ‘Environ’ is the Natura Morta’s fourth release. The album releases officially on February 17th, 2017.


Sean Ali's stunning solo bass debut album ‘My Tongue Crumbles After’ was released on January 19th, 2017. The album features eight improvisations for acoustic double bass, and on a few selections Sean also makes use of tape collages which he assembled from field recordings and voice recordings.

One of the most original and influential voices of his generation in the New York City improvised music scene, Sean Ali has developed a unique vocabulary employing preparations and extended techniques with which he creates riveting and visceral improvisations.


In October 2016 Neither/Nor Records released Earth Tongues’ second album, the double CD ‘Ohio’. A followup to ’Rune’ (n/n 003), ‘Ohio’ consist of a ninety minute uninterrupted improvisation by trumpeter Joe Moffett, tubist Dan Peck and percussionist Carlo Costa.  It was recorded in July 2015 at the 8550 Ohio artist residency program in Chestrehill, OH. Brooke Herr made some beautiful artwork for it. Below is the cover. There will be two additional panels of artwork inside the packaging.